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The ultra-compact Daytona is designed specifically for you. The newest technology for ultra-widefield retinal imaging comes in a wide selection of colors to complement any practice.

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Key Features for your practice
Daytona's simpler user interface offers enhanced image review
Sharper We've maintained high image quality to give you clear and detailed views of the retina.
The ultra-compact Daytona fits almost any office space
Smaller The ultra-compact Daytona fits almost any office space, no matter how small. The machine is designed for easy serviceability.
Daytona's exclusive Virtual Point ™ technology provides an unmatched 200˚ view
Innovative Daytona's exclusive Virtual Point™ technology provides an unmatched 200˚ view of the retina in one panoramic image.
Daytona was engineered with patient comfort in mind.
Ergonomic Daytona was engineered with patient comfort in mind. Our ergonomic design encourages a neutral body posture and simple positioning of the eye.
Daytona's intuitive workflow-based software is easy to use
Simpler Daytona's intuitive workflow-based software is easy to use and designed to emulate an efficient work style. The plug-n-play interface is simple to set up and install.
Specifications Weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)
Width: 18 in (440mm)
Depth: 20 in (500 mm)
Why optomap?
Best Practice
  • Improved patient care – Annual wellness imaging
  • Image sharing - Co-management of patients with specialists
  • Management of patients with pathology within your practice
Patient Experience
  • Quick, easy and comfortable
  • Cutting edge, WOW factor
  • Education- More time spent with patient
  • Increased patient compliance due to better patient education
  • Higher annual retention
  • Increased referrals
optomap feature comparison use the 2 charts below to see how the optomap stacks up.
Category Optomap Retinal Exam Digital Fundus Cameras
Field of View Up to 200˚ field of view provided by the optomap®. 30˚/ 45˚/ 60˚ field of view depending on model
Mydriatic vs. Non-mydriatic Non-mydriatic: Virtual point scan allows imaging through 2mm pupil. Non-mydriatic cameras typically require a minimum pupil size of 4mm. Successful 7 field montage may require pupil dilation.
Resolution High resolution in both the central pole and the periphery. Captures details to 5th vessel bifurcation. For documenting optic nerve and macular detail.
Focal Depth 18mm, confocal capability enabling view of vitreous and lense abnormalities in addition to the retina. 1-2 mm, single plane of focus of retina only.
Patient Education 3D Wrap™ ideal for panoramic and central pole retinal education. Useful for central pole only.
Wellness Screening Ultra-widefield provides wellness screening capabilities. Appropriate for documenting known pathology, but unclear for discovering pathology for wellness screening.
Diabetic Retinopathy
Screening Performance
PDR Sensitivity 94%
PDR Specificity 100%
CSME Sensitivity 92%
CSME Specificity 81% 1
PDR Sensitivity 60%
PDR Specificity 100%
CSME Sensitivity 60%
CSME Specificity 99% 2
1. Neubauer AS, et al Non-mydriatic screening for diabetic retinopathy by ultra-widefield scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (optomap®). Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2008 Feb;246(2):229-35.
2. Chun DW, et al Evaluation of digital fundus images as a diagnostic method for surveillance of diabetic retinopathy. Mil Med. 2007 Apr;172(4):405-10.
  P200   200Dx   Daytona
Practice: Best Fit   Wellness Screening   Pathology Discovery, Diagnosis
and some Referral
  Disease Discovery, Management and
Extensive Referrals
Foot Print   Free Standing   Free Standing   Desktop Model
Resolution   High   High   Ultra-High
Image Capture   Manual   Manual   Auto-Capture
Image Types            
     Color Composite View      
     Green laser View      
     Red Laser View      
     Autofluorescence           (optional)
Easy-to-Use Patient
Alignment System
Eye Steering        
Improved Image Quality        
Automated Iris Detection          
Improved Visualization
of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer
Enhanced Small Vessel
and Macular Detail
Workflow-Based Software          
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